Tips To Improve LapTop Battery BackUp

1. Reduce brightness by changing power plan

             On most of the laptops and netbooks, you can choose power plan and adjust brightness of the display. You power plan should be such that, if you are not using your laptop for 3 – 5 minutes, display screen should turn off. Display should dim in first 2 minutes of stand by time. Generally these values are set to 10 minutes but you will have to change it to 2 – 3 minutes to get more backup from current battery.

2. Turn OFF Signal Check for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

                    If you are not using Bluetooth on your laptop, you should turn that off. When your laptop keep searching for bluetooth devices, it consumes so much battery power. Same is the condition with Wi-Fi as well. If you are not using Wi-Fi on your laptop, turn off that option.

3. Use Hibernate rather than Sleep

            Windows is having option to hibernate your system rather than keeping that running in sleep mode. If you have opened lot many important applications, and you don’t want to close them, you keep your laptop in sleep mode so that when you come back, you can get you laptop in same situation. But even in sleep mode, laptop or netbook keep consuming power. You can use Hibernate option to shutdown your laptop. In case of Hibernate, your laptop saves the current session (list of opened programs) on hard disk and when you will start your laptop next time, it will open all your last time running programs as well.

4. Keep control on Background Applications

         There are few programs which start running when your laptop or computer starts. Whether you want them or not, they keep running in the background and consumes battery life and power. You should keep and eye on them and if you don’t need them , turn them off. To see which applications are running in the background, you can go to “Task manager” in windows by right-clicking on the Taskbar and choosing “Start Task Manager”. In task manager, under Processes, you can all the programs running on your laptop. You can turn them off from task manager or you can control them by using MSCONFIG command on Run window.

5.Use classic themes , to cut down usage of graphics .

6.Prefer head phones than external speakers.

7.Use flash drives instead of CD/DVD.

8.Do not over charge the battery as it reduces the battery life,
    charge only when the battery is indicated low by the computer.

9.Use the right adapter

           Ensure that the adapter you use to charge the laptop battery is an original one or one with the correct     specifications. A mismatch in the wattage could cause an overload thus damaging the laptop and the battery.
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