cool Facebook pranks

          Here is the complete video tutorial on Facebook tricks with Inspect Element ,to fool your friends on facebook


    1.Fake friend Requests

    2.Editing facebook login page

    3.Fan Page Hack ( not real )


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Create a Secret /Invisible Folder in Windows

   Many Of  You Want To Hide Your Stuff  from  others..

  Here is  Simple Trick...


 Complete Video Demonstration Here..

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Facebook Chat Text Generator

Bored with sending plain formal text in facebook chat,

create cool fonts as u see in  image,,

just a 5 seconds work..

1.Go to

2.Enter text

3.Click on COPY TO CLIPBOARD ,,and paste in chat box

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Hacking Facebook Accounts Using RU-PHISHING

What is PHISHING..?

    Phishing is an act of sending fake login page which is old one

What is RU-PHISHING..?

  •      RU-PHISHING is "redirecting url to Phishing Page " ( instead of sending  direct page ).
  •     what you have to do is, send an attractive page  to victim,with in 4 0r 5     seconds(as u specified),he will be redirected to phishing page.
  •       This will look like facebook internal problem.

              If u want clear idea ,Have a look at this PHISHING LINK

  •      I am using javascript code for this 
                       setTimeOut("your phishing page","time in milliseconds");

Step by Step Process

1.First of all,Downloads Codes here   

      After Downloading Extract the files.It contains  4 files.

2.After that, upload those files in your favourite webhosting.

                 If  you dont know how to upload files to hosting,click here

3.send the link to victim ( choose it wisely,dont simply send)

                 one of my freinds used This Technique  

4.If victim logged in to ur page,you will get logs in LOG.txt ( something like
  uername= and pass= )



5.Thats it,you r done..

                                            Happy Hacking

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How to upload ur web files to webhosting server

1.Create an account in any hosting sites like,,, 

    For phishing files is the best on  confirmation link that had sent to your

3.Now,you can be able to see control panel.Try to
   note ftp details.

4.In oredr to upload files,you need FTP client.
     Download and install " FILEZILLA "
                Download here

5.Now open filezilla and enter the following details




     (dont worry about port,leave it blank) and click on quick connect

All the above details will be in your control panel ( look for FTP details )

6.After you are connected to server ,Have a look at two columns

left panel >>> your local system files (client)

Right Panel >>Remote machine (server )

7.what you have to do is , drag files which you want to upload, from your system (left side ) to      root directory (right side)

8.Thats open your URL in web browser,you must be able see your web page.If not u may have done some thing wrong.

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Windows 7 shutdown Trick

The  Problem  With  the  Windows 7  is  that  it   starts  up  fast  but  it  does  not  shut  down  as fast  as  u  expect.  The  Reason  Behind  This  may  be  it  took  so  long  time  to  close  all background  programs  and  OS  procedures.

 So, Here  is  a  Registry  Hack (trick)  to  shutdown  faster windows button +r   ( or search for 'run')

2.type regedit and enter



3.Now Go To the Below Path
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control

     click on control

4.In The Right Side Window find  " WaitToKillServiceTimeout  "  ( have a look at image )

         right click on it and click " modify  "

5.Change The Value to 2000 ( or above )

6.Click OK..Now You are Done

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            Today i will show You a Trick By Which You can Able To Post Your message In All Or Selected Facebook Groups Of Your List In a Single Click.This Is a Small But Powerful Trick You Can Use This To promote Your Blog Or Page To All Facebook Groups.But Please Don't Misuse this Trick To Spam .

STEP 1: Go To

STEP 2: Login To Your Facebook Account By using Fconnect
     Button.After That You will See   Something Like This.


STEP 3:  Put Your Message In "Your Message Field."...

You Can Also Able To Put Link To Any Site Which You Want To Post With Your Message By Pasting Its URL in "Post Link (URL)" Field.

If You Want To add Any Image With Your Message And Link Then You Can Do this By Pasting The URL of Image "Post Image Link (URL)" Or Alternatively You Can Upload A Picture From Your Computer.

STEP 4: After That Select The Groups Which You Want To Publish Your Post. If You Want To Publish Your Post To All Groups Then Click Mark On "Select All".

STEP 5: Finally Click On To "Fpost" Button At The Bottom of the Page To Post Your Message In All Groups..

Enjoy.. :)

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