How to upload ur web files to webhosting server

1.Create an account in any hosting sites like,,, 

    For phishing files is the best on  confirmation link that had sent to your

3.Now,you can be able to see control panel.Try to
   note ftp details.

4.In oredr to upload files,you need FTP client.
     Download and install " FILEZILLA "
                Download here

5.Now open filezilla and enter the following details




     (dont worry about port,leave it blank) and click on quick connect

All the above details will be in your control panel ( look for FTP details )

6.After you are connected to server ,Have a look at two columns

left panel >>> your local system files (client)

Right Panel >>Remote machine (server )

7.what you have to do is , drag files which you want to upload, from your system (left side ) to      root directory (right side)

8.Thats open your URL in web browser,you must be able see your web page.If not u may have done some thing wrong.

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