Windows 7 shutdown Trick

The  Problem  With  the  Windows 7  is  that  it   starts  up  fast  but  it  does  not  shut  down  as fast  as  u  expect.  The  Reason  Behind  This  may  be  it  took  so  long  time  to  close  all background  programs  and  OS  procedures.

 So, Here  is  a  Registry  Hack (trick)  to  shutdown  faster windows button +r   ( or search for 'run')

2.type regedit and enter



3.Now Go To the Below Path
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control

     click on control

4.In The Right Side Window find  " WaitToKillServiceTimeout  "  ( have a look at image )

         right click on it and click " modify  "

5.Change The Value to 2000 ( or above )

6.Click OK..Now You are Done

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