Hacking Facebook Accounts Using RU-PHISHING

What is PHISHING..?

    Phishing is an act of sending fake login page which is old one

What is RU-PHISHING..?

  •      RU-PHISHING is "redirecting url to Phishing Page " ( instead of sending  direct page ).
  •     what you have to do is, send an attractive page  to victim,with in 4 0r 5     seconds(as u specified),he will be redirected to phishing page.
  •       This will look like facebook internal problem.

              If u want clear idea ,Have a look at this PHISHING LINK

  •      I am using javascript code for this 
                       setTimeOut("your phishing page","time in milliseconds");

Step by Step Process

1.First of all,Downloads Codes here   

      After Downloading Extract the files.It contains  4 files.

2.After that, upload those files in your favourite webhosting.

                 If  you dont know how to upload files to hosting,click here

3.send the link to victim ( choose it wisely,dont simply send)

                 one of my freinds used This Technique  

4.If victim logged in to ur page,you will get logs in LOG.txt ( something like
  uername= and pass= )



5.Thats it,you r done..

                                            Happy Hacking

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